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About Us

We are Jerry and Patricia. We have been dreaming about living to Spain for years with one most important reason; to say goodbye to the hasty life in the Netherlands. And naturally more; sun, sea, beach, sangria and delicious Spanish cuisine, who wouldn't want that? But with both busy jobs and our family life around it, the step to just leave is not that easy.

Yet our plans suddenly became topical when we were on holiday at La Vista Brava ourselves. We heard from Tim (previous owner) about the plans to sell the B&B, and suddenly all kinds of radars started turning. What if? How could we make this B&B our own, with our taste and accents to it?  What do our children think of our plans?


After quite a few conversations everything suddenly accelerated in september, and we decided to take the plunge; we're going for it! Spanish lessons, registering with the municipality in Spain, starting our new website , all kinds of things came our way. But we knew one thing; this is what we want. What was an exciting step in our lives turned out to be the right step. We enjoy the Costa Brava immensely, its beautiful beaches, the picturesque bays, the delicious food and the friendly Spaniards. All that gives us the motivation and energy to fully pamper all our guests every day and let them enjoy all that Spain has to offer. Because that's what you do in Spain: enjoy yourself!

We hope to welcome you here soon, so we can share the best we and the Costa Brava have to offer.


Jerry & Patricia

Over ons B&B La Vista Brava
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