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Things to do in PLatja d'Aro

Cami de Ronda - Of course everyone knows the Costa Brava for its beautiful, rugged coast with golden beaches and picturesque fishing villages. As a walker you can experience and visit the beauty of the Costa Brava up close by following the historic Camí de Ronda walking route, which stretches from Portbou near the French border to Blanes. In the past, this path close to the coast was used by the Guàrdia Civil to patrol and keep an eye out for smugglers and other evil that could enter the country via the sea. By building a path directly along the coast, it became easier for captains to look directly out to sea while patrolling, but also to check the many small 'calas'  for fishing boats that might want to land contraband. When constructing the route, no effort was spared to stay as close to the coast as possible so as not to lose sight of the sea. This created a hiking trail that is today considered one of the most beautiful in Catalonia (and perhaps all of Spain). This is due to the many contrasts that the route has to offer: the deep blue sea, the yellow-red rocks and the green of the pine trees to the quiet, secluded bays and lively fishing villages that you encounter along the way. This walking route runs along the coastline of Platja d'Aro.

Mirador Camino de Ronda Platja d'Aro

La Santa Market - La Santa Market is a few minutes' drive from La Vista Brava. A large-scale event that attracted no fewer than 240,000 visitors last year. It is a hippie/Ibiza market with clothing, accessories, food and music. There are more than 30 gastronomic participants, more than 100 clothing and accessory stalls, and various workshops, also for children. The market is open throughout July and August from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Santa Market Platja d'Aro

Nits de Jazz Platja d'AroPlatja d’Aro Jazz Nights, one of the coolest, most dynamic, highest quality and publicly successful events on the Costa Brava. Aimed at everyone, this free festival supports leading artists and ensembles in the Catalan Jazz scene, and is open to musical styles which border and complement Jazz: gospel, swing, ragtime, New Orleans. An offer backed up by more than 100 concerts -La Vella Dixieland, Llibert Fortuny, Big Mama, Joan Chamorro and Andrea Motis, etc and by 20,000 spectators who faithfully return each summer. Nitz de Jazz Platja d'Aro takes place during ther months juli en august every year.

Nits de Jazz Platja d'Aro

Festa de la cervesa - If you’re in Platja d’Aro in October and love beer then head for the town’s version of Munich’s Oktoberfest. 

The Festa de la Cervesa is on rather a smaller scale than the Munich event which inspired it. It takes place over a handful of days rather than the fortnight of the German original and thankfully has nowhere near Munich’s six million visitors.

However, you get the chance to sample around 30 varieties of beer from around the world, eat sausages and listen to live music. The event takes place tents set up in Plaça del Mil·lenari, next to the large car park behind the high street.

Festa de la cervesa Platja d'Aro

Festa major Platja d'AroIn common with many towns and villages across Catalonia, Platja d’Aro celebrates its annual festa major on 15th August. Why that date in particular? It is celebrated throughout the Catholic Church as the Feast of Virgin Mary, also known as the Assumption of Mary. And Mary is the patron saint of Castell-Platja d’Aro. In Platja d’Aro there are numerous concerts, workshops and other events put on in the days leading up to the festa major, which of course falls in the high season for tourism. How do you find out what’s planned for the festa major? Look out for posters announcing what’s on.

Festa Major Platja d'Aro

FIREWORKS SHOW IN THE NIGHT OF SAN JUAN - In Playa de Aro, we welcome the summer every June 23, during the celebration of the night of San Juan by enjoying the fireworks from the Playa Grande. Every year they delight us with new pyrotechnic choreographies and make us dream about the months to come. It is the beginning of the nice weather, to enjoy our beaches, the Camino de Ronda, to walk under the pine trees of S'Agaro and enjoy the Costa Brava and the Mediterranean Sea.

Noche de San Juan Platja d'Aro

Industrial Market s'Agaró - During the first 15 days of August you certainly don't have to go far in s'Agaró (next to Platja d'Aro), because that is where the Industrial Market is located. Not huge but oh so nice! It is one of the hipper night markets on the Costa Brava that is set up by local businesses. Every year they do their very best to present themselves as attractively as possible. And that works well! And you know what's also nice? That you can come in the afternoon and that it is also free. Under the trees, in the Sant Ramón Park on the main road. Naturally, you can eat at stalls, sip a drink on a relaxed pop-up terrace, but you can also watch mini fashion shows! Later in the evening there is always an artist or music to listen to while you sit at the Tinto de Verano. And not even 5 minutes from the beach of Sant Pol or Platja d'Aro. So you can practically end your day at the beach with a snack and a walk at the Industrial Market. The kids can run around and you don't have to cook anymore.

Industrial market Platja d'Aro
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